Monday, March 16, 2009

go forth child, scream and yell

i'm not going to settle for anything less than i want.
and what i want is becoming more and more evident every day.
this weekend was an epiphany of sorts.

to my friends who left me at grammers saturday night to figure out what the hell had just happened to me,
i hope you realize that you what you did was absolutely wretched, and, if you had been in the same situation and i had had my mind intact, i wouldn't have left you alone, like you did me.
i love you guys, but that hurt.
at least there are a few people who had my back.
a completely sincere and grateful thank you to them.

this is the last you'll hear about it.
i'm not one for dragging things through the mud.
i've moved on and today is a new day.

thanks to st. senica for the awesome show saturday night.
you guys are amazing and inspiring.

1 comment:

rebecca aaren said...

hey girl. do you have aim or anything? we need to talk more. oh and want to start a folk band? haha i want nothing more than to be in a band like the weepies. oh and i want to see those silly picture from in the bikehaus elevator.

sorry people did whatever they did on saturday. people are shitty..