Thursday, May 7, 2009

yesterday was a life changing day in my life.
i decided to change my major, so for the rest of the quarter i'm no longer in school.
i've never felt more free in my life.
i hated nursing.
i'm looking into business for the fall.

my existance and car were threatened by a crazy ex manager,
i think because he was jealous of my darling nicholas.
i dont like to be threatened.
dont fucking do it.

nick and i were haunted at grammers.
may 6th must have been an exciting day some time long long ago.
but the ghosts were very active.

my grandmother has breast cancer again.
she had it 30 years ago and got a double mastectomy.
now she's got it again and cytology has found cancer cells in her spinal fluid.
(shits spreading)
i'm stuck in cincinnati with no way to go visit her in lawrenceburg.
my radiator is cracked and i cant drive more than 1o miles before it freaks out.

its a ridiculous week.
its bitter sweet.
i'm worried

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