Sunday, February 8, 2009


listening to iron and wine.
had a great, completely messily drunk night last night at the bikehaus.
(when is it not a great, completely messily drunk night at the bikehaus though?)
keith somehow got a fire extinguisher and made fog, it tasted like shit.
it was funny.
i laughed probably more than i have in a long time.
i just hope i didnt make a bad decision last night.
it seems to be alright, but then, i cant quite tell yet.
sometimes i over think things.
i just dont like being fucked with.

i bought a fisheye camera from urban outfitters today.
i cant wait for it to come (yay for online sale exclusives), and to put film in it
and to catalog great times with great people.
i also bought a nifty DIY everything you need to know about sewing book from amazon.
i want to alter shit and save money
because i'm poor and i need to buy adult things
like hangers and a couch.

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