Thursday, February 5, 2009

March 1st

well it looks like its finally going to happen. i'm moving. i really wish that it could be something that my entire family could be happy about, but i know that my mom feels like i've slighted her because i no longer wish to reside under the same roof as she does. she'll forgive me. i'll be living in o'bryanville with my dearest sister laurie. work on my apartment located over the garage in her back yard will begin saturday afternoon with some hefty spackling (yes thats a word. its filling in holes with plaster and sanding them smooth before you prime and paint. i'm a rehabbing geek and this old house with norm was my favorite tv show growing up. we were going to get married.) i need to buy some stuff too. geeze. i need to work more. anyway, its going to be a great great time, i'm super excited about life right now. and it does not make me a pussy to live in my sisters garage. im just saying. i'll post photos of my little house after we work on it. you'll get sick of looking at it. no one follows my blog so i guess its really more for a nostalgic purpose that i even write on here.

tonight is someones birthday at the madhatter. the read's playing and its going to be awesome, as it always it. i think instead of getting drunk i'm going to photograph their set tonight. i have class at 9 am tomorrow morning so a hangover is the last thing that i need. trying to trade shifts saturday night so i can go to pdcopes show at the contemporary arts center and then to bikehaus and see the read again playing with catepillar tracks, digital kate and mo. its always a good time at the bikehaus. i'll be taking lots of photos, whether i take the digital or spring and buy some disposables and follow the pdcopes pathway. its going to be great.

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youwriteireadwefight said...

living in a garage is my dream.