Monday, December 22, 2008

dance music

i'm listening to the mountain goats. there is something so completely comforting about john darnielle's voice.

last night was family christmas numero uno. i guess it wasn't terrible. i'm just not in the mood for christmas this year. just like i wasnt in the mood for christmas last year and the year before that too. i guess i just like to get things for people when i see things that i think they'd like; instead of being under a crunch all at once to get something for everyone all at once. and now with tuition and textbooks, this is just a bad month for christmas to be in. i dont even care if i get anything. i mean, my parents got me a camera, my sister got me a watch, and they're both things that i am really glad i got. but i would have survived with out them.

other than the impending holiday, this week has been great. i got to hang out with lindsey, michael and karin on friday. saturday was a christmas sweater pot luck at bikehaus, yummy food and home brew. yeah. then the read played with john walsh at the southgate house. i danced hard and raged harder. david had some cool friends in town, i saw tons of great people. i loved it. i needed it. yesterday was christmas #1. it is what it is. i always feel awkward around my family because i most certainly just dont fit in there. they're all super religious and its weird to me. my sister is cool though. she's got my back and isnt so, religion-is-the-only-thing-worth-breathing-for. i woke up at 11 today and made coffee and spent the day altering my flannel. its really an extensive process and i wasnt sure how it would turn out, but shit looks great. if i do say so myself.

i want to crash now, i work in an hour and crashing really isnt an option. but life continues. i'm a big girl now.

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