Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i burried a bone

i'm really disappointed with the lack of ingenuity found in the english language. there are emotions and sensations and characteristics seen and felt in people and situations that are done an injustice when described as "awesome," "beautiful," "great," or any of the like. why, in a country that has come by some of the most amazing discoveries in science, technology and has come from such an ecclectic history, do we not have better adjectives and verbs for things? if we look at greek and latin and hebrew there are multiple words for one emotion or sensation. off the top of my head, i know that hebrew has at least three words for "know:" 1. to know as an aquaintance. 2. to know of an object. and 3. to know intimately, as in sexual relations.
also in the english language, i feel like we have consecutively gotten more and more vulgar in our expressions and far less witty. "he's a fucking creep" now takes the place of insults used by our fathers of literature such as this, by paul keating, 'He is simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up.'

i just think we have degraded quite a bit since the good old days.

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