Friday, January 9, 2009


200itsfine. it rhymes. like 200great, only better. because, contrary to last year, this year i'm going to make things happen. not in the cliche sense of the phrase. i'm not running for president or promising an end to world hunger or bigotry, i'm promising myself the right to stop hiding things from people. i'm such an addict to the postsecret blog and yet i've never sent in a secret. i've written a few but then life gets ahold of me and i dont have time to get to the post office to get a stamp. i feel like i need to let a lot of things off my chest, and here's a good place to start. primarily, becuase i know no one will really read this, and if they do, then the secrets out. i dont have to hide shit anymore. and really, the people that this will mainly be venting towards or about will never read it, they're too uninterested or preoccupied with other matters.

today was a good day. aside from this me being sick thing and having school thing. i got to hang out with patrice. or rather, get to know patrice. we smoked and watched twin peaks. that show is really great. i'm going crazy because i cant figure it all out. but then, i suppose thats half the fun.

i'm sick and dirty and tired as hell. i want to fall asleep now and probably will here in a minute after i lend myself to the small form of vanity of myspace pictures; rather, the uploading of new ones. i'm confued about things i never thought i'd be confused about. i'm not sure if i'm ever ever going to get what i want. words are a beautiful thing and can have a myriad o meanings. i just wish i knew if the words i hear now are ever going to ammount to anything, or if i'm wasting my time, dreaming about a phantom thats never going to be mine. wow i'm retarded. weed coma is setting in.

work tomorrow at 6:30 am. sweet. its fine.

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