Friday, October 16, 2009


this is where i revamp this blog and attempt to start anew, but with all my old content intact. a fresh start, with some archaic history (previous postings and such.)

my name is micah, and we'll just leave that at that.
i have aspirations, hopes, goals and dreams, just like every red blooded human. to be heard is one of those aspirations. this desire to be heard is not stemmed from any thought that what i have to say is superior to anyone else's voice out there, nor is it rooted in any idea that it will one day make me famous and known. i just need to vent. and i believe that that is all my blog is; the idea of blogging into a global network for any reason, is really a reason to vent, to express your feelings without the repercussions of criticism to ones face or input from a second or third party. it is a way to express something raw and insightful into the mind of the writer without the awkwardness of expressing such things face to face with the same multitude of people that will now have access to this blog. whether that multitude finds its way to this humble little blog is another thing.
i simply want to express the way life is from my perspective; to have a way of remembering and sharing the good, the bad and the ridiculous. to live my life as i please and share it with the world to take as they please and to dissect as they will. this is me. and my life. and the snapshots of those who cross my path.

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