Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm eating Chipotle, thus my dog has become the neediest puppy of all trying to get a nibble of rice, beans and chicken. He's very proud of himself for learning how to stick his paws down my shirt so that I'm exposed and for learning how to jump on my lap from the ground. I just never know when I'm going to be attacked by the speedy, eight-pound monster that is Fausto. Now, I call him a monster, but in reality, he's a very sweet dog that keeps me company when no one wants to do anything and Nick is at work. He's also very good at keeping the floor clean from food particles that may attract pesky ants.
I never realized how long I've been at UC until I got the email a few days ago telling me that my early registration for next quarter was available on the 25. I'm a fourth year sophomore, due to changing my mind a time or two and wasting time on unnecessary classes. But, as I was saying, I have the earliest early registration date. By now, I probably have accrued about 160+ credit hours. I'm fairly happy with my schedule for the winter quarter, although I would love my Digital Photography class to not be at 8 am. However disdainful the time slot, I'm still exited to be taking a fine arts class, especially one that will inform me on the usage of my Nikon D-40, which I've had since my high school graduation and have only been able to putter around with. This class is going to open up a wide variety of photographic opportunities for me. Yay! On the other end of the spectrum though, my 5 credit hour financial accounting class is going to take some real effort to be interesting. I hope that it's easy enough to stay focused next quarter. i'm only taking 4 classes, but its still 15 credit hours. Blah blah blah. Sorry to bore.
In other news, I bought my very first pair of Frye boots yesterday morning. Words cannot describe how excited I am; I've been waiting to finally be able to afford them and to begin building a wardrobe that I'll have for the rest of my life. They should arrive in the mail on Wednesday or Thursday; my fingers are crossed for Wednesday though, because I don't work and will be able to wear them all day! So what... I'm easily amused.

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